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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Website

Who’d have thought that your little blog about baking cookies would have turned into people begging for your sugary treats? But now, your blog has grown. Your posts no longer read like the ramblings of a teenage diarist and you’re bursting to offer your audience something more.  Whether that’s intuitive design or faster access to […]


Money-back GuaranteeDedicated Servers.There are no refunds on dedicated servers and VPS . The forty-five (45) day money- back guarantee does not apply to dedicated servers and VPS. Managed shared and Reseller Services.Mango Hosting offers a forty-five (45) day money- back guarantee for Mango hosting’s managed shared and reseller hosting services only. If you are not […]

A Complete Guide to Build Your Website from Scratch

Your business needs a website. This is no more optional! Today, almost every type of business requires a website… to let people know about their existence, to attract the right target audience, and to drive revenue, either directly or indirectly. In this guide, we’ll cover how you build a website from scratch without necessarily having a lot of […]

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10 Branding Tools You Need To Get Your Business Noticed

Brand recognition by an online audience can be challenging, especially if your business is competing with more established ones. A strong brand can enable you to command better rates, generate leads easily, and encounter minimal situations of competitive bids. Branding tools are aimed at building and refining an organization’s reputation or build the reputations’ visibility. […]

Why invest in creating a real estate website?

The realtors’ aim has long been to get themselves in local newspapers and magazines by placing their classified ads there. However, everything is going digital now and at some point, it became clear that having a website can give extra possibilities for the growth and development of a real estate enterprise, too. There are many […]

8 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

According to statistics, in recent years,   mobile website traffic has exceeded the amount of traffic from PCs. To make it easier for visitors to browse and interact with web pages on smartphones, they must adapt to small screens. When ranking a site, search engines evaluate how mobile-friendly it is. Google recommends optimizing pages for different types of […]

How to Create Mobile App Business Plan: 5 Effective Tips to Follow

In recent years, we have seen significant growth in mobile applications’ popularity. Thus, according to Statista, in only the first quarter of 2021, users downloaded 36.6 billion apps from Google Play and App Store. Therefore, if you want to expand your client base and provide a strong presence on the web, you should create an application. […]

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How to Choose the Best Domain Name

When you plan to start your brand new website, blog or online store you probably ask yourself these questions: “How to Choose the Best domain name?” and “How important is a domain name?”. Also: “What is the best place to buy domain name?”. In fact, it’s absolutely crucial and will affect your future website (and […]

How to Edit a File in cPanel web hosting services1. Login to cPanel to accomplish this task. 2. Locate File Manager on the Files section. 3. Open your “public_html” directory by double-clicking on it. This is where your publicly accessible files are located, in other words, where your website files resides. We are assuming that the file is located here, if not, the concept is just […]

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