How to Choose the Best Domain Name

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When you plan to start your brand new website, blog or online store you probably ask yourself these questions: “How to Choose the Best domain name?” and “How important is a domain name?”. Also: “What is the best place to buy domain name?”.

In fact, it’s absolutely crucial and will affect your future website (and possibly entire business) significantly. So don’t rush up, take your time, read this step-by-step manual carefully. It was created to narrow down your search as much as it is possible. And it will certainly help you understand how to pick the best domain name.

So, let’s start with the important basic things.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain Name is a unique name of your website and the address where the Internet users can find your site. It’s used instead of IP address (which is fairly difficult to remember). You can find domain name in your browser search field.

Domain Extension or Top Level Domain (TLD) is the last part of your domain name that goes after the last dot (.). For Example: com, org, net, info etc.

Protocol HTTP / HTTPS is a protocol that facilitates the communication between a client and a server. You can see it as the part that goes right before your domain name/subdomain. i.e

What is the Best Domain Name for SEO?

In simple words Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is the process of adjusting the site’s structure, code and content for better organic ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And yes, your domain name has its impact on your SEO.

In the short term, the keyword-rich domain name gives some positive results. It happens because:

  • In search results, people see their keyword in URL (they may not know your brand yet, but they have an idea what you do)

Pick Extension .COM vs .NET vs .INFO vs .ORG

As it was previously mentioned in case you can get your domain name with the extension .COM – go for it. People intuitively got used to it. Also, it is easier to pronounce and remember. Furthermore, Google “likes it”. Above all, it is simply the most popular one.

However, there are some cases when it still makes sense to pick a different one. Let’s check some of them.

  • When to Use .ORG

.org is mostly used for non-profit organizations, NGO and public forums: Wikipedia, charity organizations, WeForum. Also, it is used by open source platforms like WordPress, Apache, Mozilla.

Basically, by using .org TLD you tell the world that your project isn’t made for profit. It’s for making something better for free by providing some info, sharing experience, communicating with each other, arranging a community.

  • When to Use .NET

.net stands for “network”. Initially, it was used for telecom and communication companies, Internet providers. Now it is also used for companies that provide hosting services, domain registrars and online tech companies.

When you use the .net TLD you state that your site is reliable for some kind of networking. It unites some customers, computers, sites or databases in one organized system. The biggest examples are: CSDN, PopAds, and SaveFrom. 

  • When to Use .INFO

.info domain extension was created for sites that share the information (quite obvious, right?). This information can be concerning some great idea with the details, articles, and researches. Also, it can be the information about the person, country, industry or arts.

  • When to Use .BIZ

.biz extension was made for businesses. It was meant to be a substitute for .com business sites. Although, it did not become much popular at all. It looks odd at the end of the domain, it sounds weird when you pronounce it. Also, it is complicated to type since people don’t usually type this letter combination in any word.

So, .biz TLD is your last choice when you choose the domain extension. The top .biz resources are: FLVTO, Livedoor, TrafficFactory.

  • When to Use Local Extensions: .US .RU .DE .IT .ES

In case your business is located in one country and your website is run exclusively on local language then it makes sense to go with the local domain extension. Also, large companies like Google, Ford, Apple that have their local self-managed divisions use the domains with local extensions.

If you buy the domain with for example .es TLD you tell everybody that the content, info, and products on your site were made specifically for this particular region. And yes, for users from this region ceteris paribus you may be ranked higher.

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