Reseller Web Hosting

With reseller hosting, a web hosting company manages the data centers, servers, and resources, while the reseller controls the account and resells the services as their own. Whether you’re interested in using a reseller, becoming a reseller, or just weighing your options, here’s what you need to know:


Reseller web hosting has its advantages when done well. A reseller will work directly with the parent hosting company to manage their hosting accounts. Parent hosts often give discounts to resellers for buying in bulk and acting as a sort of salesperson for them. The reseller will then market the parent company’s resources as their own. Essentially the reseller will share the server resources of the account or accounts it controls. The parent company will then manage and maintain the account. Many hosting companies have reseller packages available.


If you’re thinking of becoming a reseller host, Mango hosting company will offer a package designed for reselling your services. Here are some features of a typical reseller package as provided by a Mango hosting company:

  • Account management
  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • Domain hosting

The Mango company let you advertise features and resources as your own. This might include tools such as email account management, control panels, and monitoring tools.


Why would you choose Mango hosting reseller instead of working directly with the parent hosting company? Mango hosting often offer additional services so you can get a package deal. In addition to hosting services, Mango hosting reseller may offer graphic design, digital marketing, email hosting, VOIP Communication, Bulk SMS website design, and many more.

This is beneficial for you because you don’t have to worry about website hosting. Your reseller will communicate with the parent company for you. If you experience problems with downtime or bandwidth, all you have to do is let the reseller know. They’ll work with the parent company to solve the problem for you if they can’t solve the problem themselves. You may also save money by going through a reseller for hosting services. Because resellers often purchase server resources in bulk, their parent company might off them discounts, which means savings for you too.


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